Review Roles for All users

Managing staff roles in ResiDex is very important. As you grow and implement you may wish to reduce roles for several people to "tighten down" security. You can remove roles from a staff member one individual at a time OR you can use the Security Overview Screen.

This screen will also highlight roles that we recommend giving to a few key people due to the  impact they can have on the database.  These are highlighted as "Sensitive Roles".

Purpose of Security Overview Screen:

Allows a user to quickly see which staff member is assigned to a specific staff role. Allows roles to be easily be removed from one or more staff members.

To Access the Security Overview Screen:

  • From the Setup tab search for "Security"
  • Select Security Overview (Screen Roles) from the option on the right

To Review Who has a Specific Role

  • From the list of roles click on the role name or the record selector
  • The staff who have that role for ALL campuses will appear on the right

To Remove a Staff Member from the Role

  • From the above screen - click on the role on the left
  • Click the Record Selector (little grey box) to the left of a staff name
  • Press the Delete Key on your keyboard
  • Confirm you want to remove this person from that role by pressing "Yes"
  • Close the screen when you are finished