Service Set Setup

When entering services for a resident, RTasks allows users entry options:

  • Enter services individually as the nurse is completing the assessment, using our Assessment - Service links
  • Enter services individually from the Resident Profile > Service Plan, or
  • Create and use a Service Set to add a preset group of services for a resident.  This is useful for entering a group of vitals scheduled weekly or monthly

To create Service Sets, contact ResiDex support.  We'd be happy to assist you in setting these up.

Service Set Options

Service sets can be an efficient way of adding services to the Service Plan.  Some examples of Service sets that are frequently used:

  • Weekly or Monthly Vital Signs Set
  • Grouped Laundry Services (Pick up / Laundry / Return services)
  • A standard set of admission services (Housekeeping, Laundry, etc...)

Once Service Sets have been entered, users are ready to use these Service Sets in creating service plans for residents!