Shift Times

Shift times are used to create 'start' and 'stop' times for providers at your campus. Shift times are specified for each provider type; this will allow services, chores, and tasks to be assigned to that provider only within their specified shift times.

To create/edit shift times, you must have the role of Manager (Role 11) or Supervisor (Role 13).

Add a shift time

Navigate from the RTasks Today screen > Plus More > Campus > Providers.

The list of provider types scheduled for this campus will appear.  Select a provider for whom you want to edit a shift time. 

Select a new shift from the dropdown menu, or click on the blue "Manage" button to enter a new shift time.  Note:  RTasks will not allow you to change a shift time if existing services or chores assigned to the provider fall outside of the new range.  In this event, you would need to reassign services and chores to fall within that new range.

Editing A Shift Time

Select the "Manage" button above the Shift Times button.  The following screen shows entry details

  1. Start and End times of the shift
  2. A checkmark indicates those shifts that are overnight, or spanning two dates
  3. The name of the Provider assigned to the shift
  4. Clicking the 'edit' icon allows the user to edit the shift times for all providers with that shift time
  5. The 'delete' icon is available if no providers are currently using this shift (and the shift can be deleted)
  6. Add Shift button will allow you to create a new shift.

Add a New Shift Option

Click the Add Shift button and enter the start time (1) and end time (2) and  Save.