Show all With Unapplied Amounts

When applying payments, you may choose to leave some or all of the payment "unapplied".  Unapplied payments will be reflected on the statement.

ResiDex has a screen that allows users to view these unapplied payments as well as apply payments.

Show all with Unapplied Amounts:

  • From the Pay History tab - click Show all with unapplied amounts
  • The items displayed are only those that are NOT applied

Apply Payments from Pay History:

  • After clicking show all with unapplied amounts - click the "Go Button" to the left of a payment

  • A new screen will open to show the payment details - click Apply

  • The next screen will show the unapplied amount and any open invoices (if available) - click apply by the correct invoice

  • Confirm you want to apply the amount
  • Close the Payment Received Detail screen to continue

Important Note:

If you Post Charges then apply payments that had previously been left unapplied you MUST RECALCULATE STATEMENT BALANCES prior to printing statements for the current period.