Specify Resident Billing Option

ResiDex allows for two different options for billing residents:  Care Package or Fee-for-Service

  1. Care Package- residents are assigned to a level of care based upon their needs, and billed for the services included in that Care Package.  They may also receive and be billed for additional services that are NOT included in the Care Package.
  2. Fee for Service- residents are billed based upon the services received. Services can be pre-set in the Global Service List as
    1. Fixed Rate (e.g. Room clean $25.00)
    2. Variable Rate - based upon the time spent and the provider doing the service (e.g. $9.00/15 min)
    3. Fixed Count - (e.g. number of  laundry loads @ $9.00/load)
    4. Fixed Month - like fixed rate above, except this is a monthly amount 
    5. Fixed Month Prebill - Fixed month, as above, but pre-billed, not post-billed

Specify Resident Billing Option:

  • The billing option is set for each resident under the “Resident > Billing” tab in RTasks

Care Package

  • Each service is preset, specifying whether it is included in the care package.  This can be set from the Global Service List.
  • Services can be marked as "included in package" or "Billed per service" when added to the resident service plan

Fee for Service

  • Every service is billed based on the charge type for that service, as set in the Global Service List

 Charge Types:

  • Each service has a charge type
  • Charge types are used for all “Fee For Service” billing
  • They are also used for items marked “Billed per service”
  • There are four charge types
    • Variable - billed at a provider rate x unit of time
    • Fixed - billed at a set rate per instance
    • Fixed count - billed at a set rate per “count” entered
    • Free - never charged / complimentary service or ALWAYS included in package