Staff Activity Trail Report

There are times that an RTasks user's documentation and actions within RTasks needs to be reviewed, perhaps for performance review or disciplinary purposes.  The report Staff Activity Trail can be very helpful in viewing the 'trail' of documentation an employee left in RTasks.

Staff Activity Trail

Navigate from Fax/Print > Reports > search for 'Activity Trail'.  Once the staff person and the date range is selected, users are able to follow the trail of documentation left by that employee. 

The information included in this report, visible above and also included on subsequent pages of the report includes:

  1. RTasks Logins- including login date/time and the IP address (or location) from which they accessed RTasks
  2. Clock In / Clock Out - will show in and out times, if the RTasks Time Clock feature is in use.
  3. Service Plans Created - resident services added
  4. Services Ended - resident services discontinued
  5. Services Reassigned - services reassigned times or providers
  6. Resident Meds Created - resident med added
  7. Medications Charted - recap of resident meds
  8. Resident Meds Ended - discontinued resident meds
  9. Resident Notes Added - notes add
  10. Resident Notes Stricken - notes stricken, or removed from visibility
  11. Resident Diagnoses - diagnoses added to a resident record
  12. Action Log Entries -  can include deleting a login report or various other items, populating or posting invoices, 
  13. Chores Entered - new chores added
  14. Snap Messages - snap messages sent
  15. Staff Records Added - new staff members added
  16. Staff Roles Added / Deleted - staff roles changed
  17. Report Permissions Changed - access changed to reports
  18. Reports Printed - reports printed
  19. Login Reports Added - changes made to the Login report