Staff Certification Management

The Staff Certification area of RTasks allows users to enter and track staff orientation status, background checks, and performance evaluation due dates.  It includes an area for tracking Staff Certifications and can alert users to clinical license, driver's license, auto insurance, and CPR certifications, etc. which may be coming due.  The list of available certifications can be customized for each database.

In order to document staff employment details or certifications a user must have  Role 14 - (Staff Data Entry), Role 11 (Manager), or role 16 - Staff Notes.

Employment Details

  • Staff Orientation: The check box is an indicator if the staff has completed their orientation
  • Background Check: Enter the date, result and state of background check performed
  • Performance Evaluation: Enter the date of the next evaluation due and/or document a completed evaluation by clicking Record Performance Evaluation

Add Staff Certification

  • From the Resident > People > Staff option: Click on a staff name
  • Select Certifications
  • Select Add Certification
  • Select the Certification
  • If this is a certification you have already received - Enter the number, Issued date and edit the expiration date if needed and mark the box "Certificate Received"
  • Removing the received and expiration date on a certificate will create a "Certification Due" record on reports such as Staff Certifications Due or Staff Certifications Expirations 

Update a Certification Due

  • Navigate to the Staff Certification
  • Click on a current certificate
  • Edit the Expiration field
  • Click Update

To Manage Certification Types

  • From the Staff Certification screen click Add Certification
  • Click: Manage
  • The list of current certifications will appear - click Add Certification Type
  • Enter the certification name and how many months until it expires (Note: 0 means it never expires)
  • Press Save
  • To EDIT a certification: Click on the certification, update any of the information and press Save



Tracking Certifications Due

Adding the report Staff Certifications Due to your Login report or QA Status will alert users to those certifications coming due.