Staff Certifications

Staff certifications and alerts allow you to track due dates for items such as clinical license, driver's license, auto insurance, CPR certification, etc.  The list of available certifications are customizable for each database.

Certification Types:

  • From Desktop ResiDex go to the Setup Tab
  • Search for "Cert" and select Staff Certification & Alert Types
  • Edit a current type or create a new type on the bottom line
  • Enter a "Months to expiration" or enter 0 if the certification does not expire
  • Enter a certification description

Enter Staff Certifications into ResiDex:

  • From Desktop ResiDex Staff Tab - click the GO button to open a Staff Profile
  • Click the Certifications button at the bottom of the screen

  • The Staff Certification and Alerts screen will open

  1. Select the certification type
  2. Optionally click the "Received" box
  3. Enter the Certification number/information (optional)
  4. Enter the date the certification expires (see section below leaving certification expirations blank)
  5. The months to expiration will default in based on the date entered in field 4
  6. Optionally enter the date the certification was issued

Staff Certification Notifications

Entering Staff Certifications is especially useful for administrators when they turn on the ResiDex notification that provides alerts when certificate due dates are approaching.
From the Desktop ResiDex Notification Screen - select the Staff Category

  • Select the notification "Staff Certifications Due" and move to "My Selected Notifications"
  • If any certification are due, a blue link will appear
  • Click the link to view the details


Leaving Certification Expiration Blank:

When entering certifications for your staff, you can leave the "expiration field blank".  This will automatically force the Staff Certifications Due to record a "Missing" certification.  

Recording/Updating Expirations:

When a staff updates a license or certification simply OVERTYPE the old expiration date.  If you add a new line of the same certification type, you will be constantly alerted that the old certification has expired.

Staff Driving Documentation:

The certification and alert system also has a special report.  If you add (specifically) alert types:

  • Drivers License
  • Car Insurance

The system will generate a report with both of those pieces of information.  The related report is called "Staff Driving Documentation".  Below is a sample of the report.