ResiDex Master Care Plan Reviewed

Assessments marked complete may automatically generate a Care Plan for staff to review.  When Care Plans are being "electronically reviewed" in RTasks,  a report is available that will show the resident care plans that have been reviewed by each staff person.

Care Plan Reviewed - By Staff:

  • From Desktop ResiDex - Click the Staff Tab
  • Use the Option List (1) and select Care Plans Reviewed (2)

  • A screen will display all care plans that the staff member marked as "Reviewed" and "To Do" items
  • You can cancel any reviewed or To Do care plans by clicking the Cancel button

Care Plans Reviewed/Open By Resident:

  • From Desktop ResiDex Home Tab, open the Option List (1) by a Resident name and select Care Plans Reviewed (2)

  • The report that will appear will display all active staff members with the status of the Care Plan Review