Staff Meeting Documentation

Whether your meetings are all-staff meetings, departmental, or quality management meetings, Residex offers users an easy way to document and share information with team members:

  • Document agendas and full staff meeting minutes
  • Track meeting attendance
  • Share information with team members through Snap Messages
  • Maintain electronic records of all meetings held

Document Staff Meeting Minutes:

  • Go to the Staff tab in ResiDex.
  • Press the Meeting Attendance button in the upper right corner of the Staff Screen

  1. Press the new button at the top of the screen to create a new meeting
  2. Enter the meeting date and time
  3. Enter a description or meeting topic
  4. Enter the length of the meeting in minutes
  5. Enter the meeting location
  6. Type the meeting itinerary and/or meeting minutes

  • After the information is entered, press save at the top of the screen

Meeting Attendees:

  1. After you save a meeting, press the “Meeting Attendees” button
  2. Hold the keyboard CTRL button down and select all of the staff members who attended the meeting
  3. Press OK when all attendees are selected


Meeting Notes

  1. Select a meeting and click on "Send Notes
  2. Select from the drop down list the group you wish to send notes to. 
  3. Click Send Meeting Notes

Note:  If an agenda, you may wish to send only to meeting attendees.  If sending the full minutes, you may wish to choose all users at that campus.  The "Who" button will display those people who were invited to the meeting.

  • This will send a "Snap Message" to each staff member to alert them of the message

Viewing Meeting Reports:

After you have entered information about a meeting and documented attendance, you can quickly view summary reports by going to the Snap Reports menu at the top of the screen and selecting ‘Staff Meeting Attendance‘ or the ‘Staff Meeting Report.’ These reports are also accessible from the Reports tab.