Staff Supervision

Staff Supervision in Residex is a feature that permits the nurse to document and track direct supervision of unlicensed staff performing a delegated skill or service, a state requirement in many settings.  Even if not required, some providers may consider it a best practice to document supervision of unlicensed staff.  Once a staff supervision has been marked complete, users will be prompted for the next due date;  once entered, nurses can receive a notification or reminder to perform the next scheduled supervision.


Provider Types Requiring Supervision

To identify which provider types you wish to supervise, go to the Setup Tab:

  • Select "Providers (Roles)"on the left
  • Select "Provider Types" on the right
  • From this screen, put a check in the boxes of the provider types for whom you wish to track supervision 

Document a Staff Supervision:

  • From the Staff Tab - Click the option list (1)
  • Select: Staff Supervision (2)

  • A screen will appear showing a history of supervisions that have been completed and display the details below
  • Click "New" to begin a new supervision entry

  • When you click "New" - fill out the details at the bottom of the screen and press "Save"

  • When it is saved, you will be prompted to enter the next supervision due date

  • After that is entered, you will have the option to print the Staff Supervision Summary Report

Sample Report:

Below is a sample of the Staff Supervision Summary Report.

Editing Next Supervision Due Dates:

Dates of next supervisions due for the entire campus can be viewed and edited:

  • Go to the Setup Tab
  • Select Staff Management on the left, and
  • Select Staff Supervision Overview on the right
  • The column labeled "Next Supervision Due" can be edited to the desired date.