Transfer Staff

ResiDex will allow you to manage your staff access.  Your database may contain different "Campuses". A Campus may be viewed as the Facility's main location, an apartment, or group home.  If your facility has multiple locations, you may have multiple "Campuses"  setup in your single database. ResiDex will allow you to assign a staff member to a campus that they would then access. 

There is another feature that we will outline.  If your facility has staff supervisors, you may wish to not only assign an employee to a campus but also a "community" within your campus.  A community may also be viewed as a floor or wing such as first floor, second floor, assisted living, memory care, etc. Having this feature activated is required to use notifications such as "MY Staff Supervision Notifications"

Assign Staff To a Campus:

This is ONLY applicable if your database has multiple campuses. In Desktop ResiDex:

  1. Go to Staff Tab
  2. Click the "Go" button beside the staff name

  • From the "Campus" option list - you can edit the campus if needed

  • NOTE: Changing the campus will transfer or move the staff to the other campus
  • If the staff does NOT have the "Supervisor" role OR "Campus Access" to multiple campuses, the staff will no longer be able to access the original campus

Assign Staff to a Community:

If your database has the option to assign a staff to a community turned on, you will not only have the ability to assign the staff to a different campus but also a different community.  This will allow the use of notifications specified as "MY Staff.." to be used.  One example is the notifications My Staff Evaluation Notifications. This feature is available for Single OR Multiple Campus Databases.

  • Set the Campus Configuration option - Assign staff to community (No = assign to campus) to Yes
  • From the Staff Tab - Click the "Go" button to open a staff profile screen
  • From the "Communities" drop down list - select the correct community that staff will be assigned to

  • NOTE: This does NOT limit staff to seeing residents only in the single community - they will still access all residents in the campus
  • Just like assigning staff to a different "Campus", if you select a community in a different campus the staff name will be moved to that campus staff tab