Transfer Staff

If your organization includes multiple campuses, users will initially have access to only one campus by default. Even if a user has been granted access to multiple campuses, they will have only one location specified as their 'Primary' Campus.  The primary campus is the first campus viewed as they log into RTasks.

You can easily manage which building is a user's Primary Campus with just a few clicks!

Change a user's primary Campus

  1. Select People > Staff > Staff Profile for the staff member you wish to transfer
  2. Select the Update Profile button from the Staff Profile.
  3. Change the Campus to whichever campus should be primary
  4. Specify a Community this staff member will belong to within the Campus (this is relevant for certain reports - it does not limit the user's visibility to residents within the selected campus in any way).
  5. Save


Please note - if the staff does NOT have the "Supervisor" or access to view multiple campuses, this staff member will no longer be able to see their original campus.