Statement- Consolidated Report

When using RTasks billing, you may wish to use the "consolidated statement" option.  Consolidated statements will allow you to combine two residents' total charges onto one statement.   

Keep in mind, while the report "Statement Consolidated" bundles two residents' charges into one statement, payments will be applied to the individual resident account.

Consolidated Statement Setup:

  • Go to Profiles > Resident > Click on a resident profile (This would be the "Primary" person for a shared invoice)
  • Click Billing
  • In the Household Shared With option list, select the resident who will be on the consolidated/combined statement


Statement Consolidated Report: 

  • Process and post billing as usual
  • Go to Fax/Print > Reports > search for Consolidated
  • Select the report Statement - Consolidated (May have a custom name for your database)
  • Select the Invoice Date (The most recent is sorted to the top)
  • Select All Residents or one name from the option list
  • Click: Create Report

Sample Report:

The statement will be addressed to the "Primary" resident (not the one select under "Household Shared with) OR the Billing contact for this resident

  1. The total (combined) previous balance will be displayed
  2. Adjustments for any of the individuals will be displayed (If applicable)
  3. Payments for either of the individuals will be displayed (if applicable)
  4. Care packages will be displayed per individual
  5. Rent for each individual will be displayed
  6. Service charges or any other charges per individual will be displayed
  7. Supplemental package for each individual will be displayed
  8. The combined "Invoice Total" will be displayed
  9. The combined "New Account Balance" will be displayed