The use of Tags in RTasks allows users to add and track additional information about Residents, Staff, Prospects, in the form of a label or tag that can be applied to the Resident, Staff, or Prospect profile.  Tagging residents can allow grouping residents in reports to make contact lists, etc...  Creating a tag such as 'Pet' would tag any residents in your facility who own and care for a pet on site.  A tag of 'Newsletter' would indicate this is someone who should receive a newsletter.  Tags should NOT be information already contained in a diagnosis, assessment, etc....     Tags can be entered by any staff.

Tags are also available to apply to Resources by navigating from Profiles > Resources > Edit Resource.


Adding Tags

From the Resident, Prospect, or Staff Profile, locate the Tags area.  


The blue pencil can be clicked.  Available tags can be selected by checking the corresponding box, or new tags created by clicking the 'Add New Tag' button.  

Enter the new tag and click 'Save'.

Visibility to Tags is available on the Profile

Deleting Tags

Tags removed from all residents will be automatically removed as an option to select.


Reports such as Residents by Tag, Prospects by Tag, and Contacts by Tag can allow users to sort residents by this tagged information.