Task Management

RTasks Task Management System allows users to create and assign tasks to themselves or others, receive a reminder to perform that task, and then document completion.

Tasks are jobs assigned to specific staff person to complete. In contrast:

  • A Service is assigned to a Provider to do for a Resident
  • A Chore is assigned to a Provider to perform for the facility
  • A Task is assigned to a specific Staff Person and may be for linked to a Resident/Prospect, or not at all.

Examples of tasks are:

  • For Marketing staff, linked to a Prospect: "Send invitations to Open House"
  • For Maintenance staff: "Fix leaking faucet in Rm 312"
  • For Staff: "Provide facility tour to Smith Family on 12/14 at 2pm"

Tasks can be assigned a date and time, or simply a date of completion. In contrast to services and chores, assigned Tasks will remain on the "To Do" screen each day until it is marked complete.

Add a Prospect Task:

  • From the People - Prospect option - select a Prospect to open the profile
  • Click on Tasks 
  • Click New Task
  • Select the Prospect or Contact related to the task
  • The task will by default be assigned to the person adding the task but change to a different staff if needed
  • Select a Tasks "Type" (If additional task types are needed contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance
  • Enter the task such as Give tour, send out thank you, etc.
  • Enter the task date and optionally the time
  • Enter any notes about the task
  • If you are documenting a completed task, check the box that says "Mark task completed"
  • Press Save

Enter Other Tasks:

  • Click on Today > + More
  • Click New Task
  • Select the Task type
  • Enter a brief description of the task
  • Enter the date and optionally the time
  • If this is a completed task you are documenting, click the "Mark task as completed" check box
  • Optionally link the task to a resident and/or contact
  • Enter notes about the task
  • Press Save (Below is an example of entering a task NOT linked to a resident and or prospect:

 The task will appear in the 'Today' screen on the date on which it was scheduled for the staff person to whom it was assigned.

View/Manage Tasks:

  • From Today > + More click View Tasks
  • By default you will see your "Open/To Do" tasks for the month
  • You can manage the view by changing "Month" to: Day, Week, or Year (use the left and right arrows to navigate forward or back)
  • Optionally filter by a certain task type and/or unhide "closed" tasks (tasks already marked complete)
  • Click on a task to edit information or add notes and mark it complete, OR mark it complete from the Today screen.