Task Manager and ProsPex

Combining Residex's ProsPex module with Task Manager creates an efficient marketing tool for not only documenting prospective clients, but moving them along the pathway from prospect to active resident. 

Examples of tasks that might be assigned to your staff for a prospect include:

  • followup phone call after a tour
  • reminder to send an invitation to a facility event
  • periodic 'check-ins' to determine if needs have changed
  • plan and document steps of your pre-admission process

Prospect Task Entry

 Navigation to People > Prospex > Prospex Profile will allow the user to view options, including Tasks.

Add a New Task

Click on the Task button > New Task to enter a new task for the prospect

  1. The Prospect or Contact dropdown displays the names of both the resident and any contacts which have been added to the profile.  
  2. Assign the task to either yourself or another staff member
  3. Indicate the task type.  Contact ResiDex support if you'd like to add task types.
  4. Indicate the title or subject of the task
  5. Enter the date and/or time (optional) the task should be completed.
  6. Enter the body of the note.
  7. If you have already finished this task, mark as completed and save. Leaving the box unchecked will leave this as an open, future task.

From the Today screen

At the date and time scheduled, that task will appear in the Today screen of the assigned staff person.  It can be documented similarly to resident services-- marked complete from this screen, or opened, allowing note editing and marking completed or canceled.  By editing the initial note to indicate what actions you have taken, the completed tasks essentially become your notes/documentation.  

Tasks differ from Services in that if you don't complete a task on the assigned date/time, it will remain on your Today screen until it is addressed.

Note:  It's recommended that you continue to keep one active / open task for each prospective client. This ensures that you stay in touch with them, and so have the best chance for retaining them as an active resident!

Viewing Tasks

Navigating from People > Prospects > Prospect profile > Tasks, you will, again, open the prospective client's task manager.  Filter data that is presented by:

  • modifying the date fields
  • checking  the "To Do" and/or "Done" to view active vs completed tasks
  • click on a given task to open up the details of the task.  
  • Note that from this view you can simply mark a given task as complete.  

Opening up a selected task allows further editing of the note, indicating actions taken, and marking the task as completed or canceled.  Note that users can create a new task from this screen as well.

+More Task Manager

Task Manager is also available by navigating from the Today screen > +More > Task Manager.   New tasks can be added, and campus wide tasks can be viewed.  Tasks here can include tasks not specific to Prospects, but users can use the filters in this screen to:

  1. specify a date range
  2. filter by a specific staff person or All staff
  3. filter by the resident or prospect to whom the task is associated
  4. filter by task type
  5. search for a key word or title
  6. include both open and closed tasks, or hide closed tasks to view only open ones
  7. Select any open task to edit the note field, complete or cancel


A number of reports are specific to Prospect tasks.  Navigating from Fax/Print > Reports > category Tasks

  • All Prospect Tasks - shows all open and closed tasks for a selected prospect
  • Open Tasks by Task Type - could show all Prospect tasks across the campus that are open
  • ProsPex - Completed Tasks - by Type  shows all closed tasks across the campus for a specified date range