Time Clock Location Tracking

RTasks Clock In/Out feature has the ability to track a user's location using GPS.  In order to have this feature work, a user must have location services turned on for the device they are using .  This document will explain how the feature works when clocking in. 

Tracking Location When Clocking In:

  • Log into RTasks.net normally
  • Select the Provider and enter a note if required
  • Press Clock In
  • If prompted Press ALLOW on the message asking for permission to track your location
  • You will then be clocked in and your location will be tracked

Resetting Location Services:

  • If location tracking is turned on and you "block" location tracking, you will not be able to clock into RTasks. 
  • You can LOG IN but will be prevented from CLOCKING IN
  • If you previously "blocked" your location tracking and now want to "allow" tracking that will be reset in the browser settings


  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser
  • Click Settings
  • Click Advanced
  • Under Privacy and Security click Site Settings
  • Click Location
  • Find RTask.net and click on the option
  • Select "Reset Permissions"
  • Confirm you want to reset
  • The next time you attempt to clock in you will be prompted to allow or block location tracking

In Firefox:

  • From the 3 lines in the upper right corner - click Options
  • Click Privacy and Security
  • Find Location and click Settings
  • Find RTasks.net and use the option to Allow
  • Save changes