TimeClock Shift Differential

The Time Clock - Shift Differential codes can be specified to calculate a pay rate that is different than the standard hourly rate.  This may include evening, overnight, holiday, overtime, and shift coverage scenarios when the pay rate is higher as an employee incentive.

Specify Shift Differential Codes and Rates:

  • From Desktop ResiDex - start at the Setup Tab
  • Search for Time Clock in the search field
  • Select Time Clock - Shift Differential

  1. Click New to create a new differential code
  2. Enter the code name
  3. Enter a differential note (optional)
  4. Enter a multiplier other than 1 (optional) (example: 1.5 would be time and a half above the standard rate)
  5. Enter a differential amount (optional) (example: $2.00 would be to increase the standard rate by $2.00/hour)
  6. Enter a fixed rate (optional) (example: $8.50 would ignore the standard rate and calculate that hourly rate)
  7. Select "Accrue Benefits" if applicable
  8. Enter instruction about when to select this differential code (optional)