Tracking Services

Tracking services are specialized, customizable services that can be used a number of different ways.  The user can create specific questions and response options for staff to answer for a single service in order that this additional information can be more effectively monitored or 'tracked'.  Examples of Tracking Services might include Goal Services and documentation of progress toward a specific goal (as in a group home setting) OR documentation of additional details regarding, for instance, bowel management.  

In order to set up tracking services in your database, contact ResiDex support staff for assistance. 

Entering a Tracking Service

Tracking services are added to the resident Service Plan as other services are added.  Service detail should describe the details to be tracked.

Staff Documentation of a Tracking Service:

In RTasks, the tracking services will appear on the Today screen, along with other services, chores, and tasks.  Click on the tracking service and use the drop down list to select the correct response

Because the amount of detail provided in a tracking service, regular Service Recap reports will not pull all the details.

RTasks reports such as "Tracking Charts" and "Tracking Chart Totals" will display details of tracking service responses over time.  

Tracking Feeding Amounts Setup:

The tracking services would be useful to track feeding and amounts taken.  We will give an example on how to set this up.

  • Create a service to meet your needs such as, G-Tube/Bolus/%Eaten
  • The type of service would be "Goal Tracking"
  • Below is an example of what tracking and options

→ Goal 1.  What % was eaten = ML given via G - Tube

⇒ Response type would be a select from option list.  Here is an example of possible options:

→ Goal 2: Total ML given via G - Tube

⇒ Goal 2 options - fill in the blank - 

→ Goal 3: Total Oral intake in ML

⇒ Goal 3 options - fill in the blank - 

Tracking Feeding Amounts Entry:

For the example above the information entered in the Goal Options may look like the following

  • Select the % or NA if "none"
  • Document TOTAL ML's given via G-Tube - If none, type 0
  • Document TOTAL ML's given Orally - If none, type 0
  • Press Save

Feeding Amounts Report:

Generate a Tracking Chart report for the resident with the correct date range.  Here is an example of a tracking chart with the above tracking service in use.