Unscheduled Vital Signs

RTasks users can enter vitals as scheduled services OR enter unscheduled vital signs as the need arises.  

Unscheduled vital signs can be entered from the Resident Profile screen, OR by navigating from the Today screen > +More > Vitals.

Unscheduled Resident Vitals

 Selecting this option allows the user to enter any vital sign values he/she has measured.  All vital sign services for the database are listed in sequence;  the user need only scroll down to select and enter the particular vital sign values he/she has obtained.  The following entry fields are available:

  1. Date and Time the value was obtained
  2. The name of the resident, selected from the dropdown menu
  3. A description of the vital sign value to be obtained can be viewed, and
  4. The value entered
  5. The notes field can is optional, but can allow the user to document any actions taken.

Reports showing Resident vital signs can be access by navigating to the Fax/Print > Reports > Vital Signs category.

View Resident Vitals

Selecting the View Resident Vitals option allows the user to view both campus and resident specific vital signs for a given time range.  

The date range defaults to a one month view, but can be edited to search further back in time.  Select the name of the resident for whom you wish to view vital signs.

Vitals can be viewed either grouped by type OR by the date in which they were recorded.  The date, time, value, and notes entered are visible here, as well as the name of the staff person who entered the data.  Unscheduled vital signs can be deleted for up to 7 days after entry.