Vaccination Documentation

Resident vaccination status can be entered, reviewed, and updated as part of the Clinical Assessment.

Users with Role 32 are able to document clinical assessments, including the vaccination status.

Adding and Customizing Vaccination Status

If your current clinical assessment does not have the Vaccination status option, contact ResiDex support and ask for assistance in adding this item and/or editing to reflect the vaccinations you wish to track.  This will be added to the Physical category of your existing assessment.

Entering Vaccination Data

Data can be entered:

  1. as a routine part of the Admission Assessment or any Clinical Update
  2. by using the option Review Assessment Details, and entering data without opening a new assessment
  3. by creating a subset assessment for your Vaccination Status, and simply enter the data as a subset.  Contact Residex support staff for assistance in doing this.

Complete the Vaccination Status assessment category as you do other assessment items- click on the box to the left of the item, and click 'add note' to include the details.  Details may be simply a date, or could also include information such as the manufacturer and Lot #, the dose, route, and injection site. 

Users may choose to maintain a history of dates and data for all vaccines received, OR backspace over old dates and simply enter the most recent immunization date.



Two reports are helpful:

  • Vaccination summary by resident - shows a selected resident's summary
  • Vaccination Status will take a single vaccination type (Influenza) and show all residents at that campus who have had data entered for this item.