View Tasks

RTasks Task Manager System allows users to create and assign tasks to themselves or others, receive a reminder to perform that task, and then document completion. Tasks will appear on the staff's 'Today' screen on the date on which it was scheduled. 

View Tasks:

  • Click Today > + More
  • Click - View Tasks

  1. Edit the start/stop date range of what tasks you would like to view
  2. Select a specific staff to view his/her or ALL staff tasks
  3. Optionally select a resident the task(s) are associated with
  4. Optionally select a task type to see one specific task type
  5. A search option can be used to search for key words
  6. Un-check the "Hide closed tasks" to view open and closed tasks
  7. The details of the filtered list will be displayed at the bottom
  8. You can use the New Task button to add a new task if needed

Edit Tasks from View Tasks Screen: 

  • From the View Tasks screen - Click on any task
  • Edit any details related to the task (For example: edit the date/time, assigned to or notes)
  • When finished press -  Back

Task Options:

When you click on a task you have several options

  1. Back - return to the task manger list and save changes made
  2. Complete - marks the task as done
  3. Cancel - closes the task with a "cancelled" status
  4. + New Task - opens up the New Task screen