Review Vital Signs Out of Range

As vital signs are entered, the nurse or supervisor may wish to review and enter a note regarding a vital sign that has been recorded that falls outside an acceptable range.   

Supervisors, Managers, and Nurses are able to review and add a note to vital signs that fall outside an acceptable range.

Specifying Vital Sign Ranges

Setting vital sign parameters is managed from the Global Service list by users with the 411 Role.  Here, you can specify low and high values for vital signs;  these are set by database, but can also be set by resident as the nurse adds a vital sign service to the resident.  

Reviewing Vital Signs Out of Range

Users that are Supervisors (Role 11), Managers (Role 13) and Nurses can review vital signs.  

Navigate from the Today screen > +More > Vitals > Review out of Range Vitals

  1.  Specify the date range
  2. Search by name or key word
  3. Toggle to view only those needing review, or all vital signs (reviewed or not) for a period)
  4. Review the vital sign.  Note that it shows both the obtained value and the acceptable range.  

Add a note and mark the vital sign as reviewed.  


Reports such as Vital Signs Out of Range, Vital Signs Out of Range - All Campus include these notes.  

A login report, Vitals Out of Range Not Acknowledged, can alert the  nurse or supervisor that there are vitals that can be reviewed here.