Vital Sign Parameters

Specific parameters can be set up for most vital sign services, alerting or notifying the nurse or supervisor when a scheduled vital sign has been entered that falls outside an appropriate range. These parameters can be set across the database, but can also be modified by each client/resident to accommodate individual needs.

Users with the 411 Administrator role can enter campus-wide parameters via the Global Service List.

Adding a Vital Sign Service

When adding the Vital Sign service to the Resident's Service Plan, additional details are noted:


The low and high parameters set in the Global Service list will be set as the default. These can be edited as needed.  (1,2).  The default task details should be reviewed and edited so the parameters/instructions provided by staff are correct. (3)

Notifications and Alerts

As staff are documenting a scheduled vital sign and entering a value that falls outside of the acceptable range, they will receive an alert on the screen:


The Login Report can include a sup-report showing Vital Signs Out of Range. This article provides details on customizing your Login Report to include this notification.  

Alerts can also be setup, allowing each nurse or supervisor to turn on their own alerts if they wish to be notified of vitals out of range.  When setting up an alert, choosing the option "Vitals Out of Range next 3 hours" will send text message or email alerts for 3 hours, then automatically stop sending for that vital sign instance.