Chart and View Vital Signs

RTasks functionality allows users to enter both scheduled and unscheduled vital signs, review and track values, and get notifications or alerts to vital signs that fall outside an acceptable range. 

Vital signs can include Temperature, Pulse, Respiration Rate and Blood Pressure, but may also include values such as blood glucose, %O2 saturations, and BM tracking. Vital sign services and types are managed from the desktop Residex Global Service List.

Scheduled Vital Sign Entry

Regularly scheduled vital signs can be assigned by adding the appopriate vital sign service to the Resident Service list.  Once assigned, providers will see the vital sign service at the scheduled time in their Today screen.


  1. Vital sign services must be selected and opened in order to enter the value and mark as complete.  (They cannot be 'quick charted' from the Today screen).
  2. As with other services, staff have the option of sending a snap message to the nurse or supervisor as they enter and save the vital sign value.
  3. Vital sign services scheduled at the same time as a resident med  can require staff to enter the vital sign before being able to chart the med as administered or declined (e.g. checking a pulse rate before Lanoxin).  This is a configuration option.
  4. Scheduled vital signs can provide an alert to staff if the value entered falls outside of an acceptable range.
  5. Vitals out of range may also be set to appear as an item on the login report, or as an email or text message to the nurse.

Unscheduled Vital Sign Entry

Unscheduled Vital signs can be entered from

  • the Resident Profile Screen > Vital Signs
  • the Today Screen > +More button > Unscheduled Resident Vitals
  • or may be set as optional or required when completing certain incident types

From any of these locations, the screen will appear similarly:

  • The current date (1) and time (2) default in, but can be edited
  • The name of the resident (3) will default (if in the Resident profile or entering in conjunction with an incident), but can be selected from the dropdown if entering from the +More button
  • Enter the value obtained (4)
  • Optionally, enter a note (5) and scroll to the bottom to click "Save".

Reviewing Resident Vital Signs

Users can view resident vital signs 

  • from the Resident Profile screen > Vitals or
  • from the Today Screen > +More button > View Resident Vitals

Either location provides the following options

  • A one month record is defaulted, but users can edit date fields to look further back (1)
  • Users can opt to view vitals grouped by type (2) or by date (3), allowing for easy comparisons
  • The date/time, vital sign value, notes entered, and the name of the staff person who entered the vital sign are visible (4)
  • The person entering the vital sign can delete a value entered in error (5)

Vital Sign Reports

Vital Signs reporting is handled in several ways.  Users can navigate to the Fax Print button > Reports and locate the category Vital Signs for a variety of options.  These reports can be printed or (if the fax feature has been enabled in RTasks) faxed directly to the clinics or health care providers.

Recent Vital Signs automatically are included in reports such as the Resident Profile (often provided when transferring residents to hospitals or other facilities).

Nurses can optionally print or fax vital sign reports as they create Referral documents for residents.