What is RTasks?

RTasks (www.rtasks.net)  is a web-based, user-friendly touch-screen platform in which resident services, med administration, tasks, chores, and clinical data (assessments, incidents, resident notes, etc...) can be documented in real-time.

RTasks will automatically adjust it's screen size to fit your computer / device, so is easy to read and use. You can use RTasks from almost any smartphone (iPhone and Android), tablet (iPad, Android, Windows), computer (Apple, Windows), or Chromebook.

To access RTasks.net, you need an internet connection and a modern web browser ie: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 11 (IE11). Read more about requirements & recommendations!

Getting Started

For your first time logging in, you will either receive an email with a link to click to create your account - just follow the steps! 
- OR -
You will be provided with a username and a one-time-use password. In this case, go to www.rtasks.net and login! 

You will be prompted to create a password - after doing this, you're good to go - You can now login at www.rtasks.net!


Switch to a different campus in RTasks

Once you log in, if you have access to multiple different locations in RTasks, you can jump between them with the following steps:

  • Click on the "drop down list" by your name
  • You will see the name of the location ("Campus") whose information you are presently viewing. To change locations, click here.

  • Click on the drop down and select a different campus or press done to close without switching