Campus Setup

Campus Configuration

The campus configuration screen will allow you to customize screens, forms and processes in ResiDex for each campus individually. 

Campus Units

Campus units will allow you to assign an individual to a specific apartment / unit / room. This will also help easily see available rooms for marketing purposes.

Edit Resource or Pharmacy Types

ResiDex will allow you to track Pharmacies and Other Resources for your residents.  The medication pharmacy field will ONLY display resources with the type "pharmacy".  There may be a time when a resource is entered with the wrong type and you need to edit the information.

PLEASE NOTE: Changing a resource type can impact multiple areas in ResiDex, especially if you are changing a type FROM "pharmacy" to a different resource type. 

Housing Type

The optional Housing Type field on the Resident Profile Screen will give you flexibility when specifying the housing for an individual within the campus.

Providers Overview

The "Provider" tab will allow you to add or edit care provider descriptions, appointments, chores, and shifts.  To edit the details on this screen you must have Manager or Supervisor ResiDex roles.

Unit Room Types

Unit room types are for ProsPex/marketing, but it is also useful because the information displays in the "Unit" drop down list.