E-Charting Medications

RTasks: PRN Medications

When  documenting medications in RTasks, users have the ability to document both scheduled and unscheduled medications.  There are several configuration options in Desktop ResiDex that will provide opportunities to not only record the medication that was given, but also the resident response to that medication.

RTasks: E-Mar

Medication Recap is a way to electronically document medications.  You can  document

  • Who received the medication
  • When the medications were given
  • Who administered the medication
  • Whether medications were administered or skipped/declined (and the reason)
  • Optional notes about any or all medication
  • Medication counts of controlled medications
  • Unscheduled medications that were given, including date/time and reason.

As Needed Medication Review

When "as needed" medications are administered, some states require documentation that a licensed nurse has reviewed them.  ResiDex E-Mar offers a convenient solution.

The As Needed Medication Review screen is "Read-Only" (not editable) for staff who are not listed as RN or LPN in the staff tab.

Clinical Pill Count

Pill count for controlled medications is available anytime in RTasks.  Counts can be reviewed and "correction counts" can be noted anytime during a review or shift change.

EMar Pill Count

With RTask's  E-mar, users can track pill counts for controlled medications electronically.  This feature allows staff to document pill counts upon receipt from the pharmacy, with nurse med setup or review, with administration, and again as a shift count or discretionary count.  If an incorrect count is entered, staff are alerted so they can review the count history and perform a recount. Maintaining accurate record of controlled medication inventories is clean, simple, and easily-accessed.

Medication Sent Out of Facility

There may be times when a resident is away on leave  from the facility and their medication(s) must be prepared and sent  along. RTasks has a way to specify which medications have been sent and provide a summary report of those medications.  The report can provide guidance to family or the responsible party in the administration of medications during the absence.

RTasks Emar Setup and Verification of Meds.

The documentation of medications in EMars can be customized to meet your needs.  One configuration option can turn the charting into a multi-step process.  The configuration option outlined in this document will explain documenting medications using the following process:

  • Clinical/Nursing Staff Pour/Setup Medications
  • Caregivers/Home Health Aides Verify Medications
  • Caregivers/Home Health Aides Document Medications as Administered/Declined
  • Verify Medications (Done by staff before administering)

RTasks Med Setup/Review

RTasks EMARS will not only allow users to document the administration or declination of scheduled medications and unscheduled medications, but will first allow the nurse or manager to document that medications have been setup or reviewed/verified prior to the administration. With the ResiDex configuration option "Recap Med Setup" (i.e.Verify or Pour)" turned on, you will be able to mark each medication as being set up or reviewed/verified prior to administration by staff.

Using the campus Special Verbiage screen, you can customize what you want this Setup/Review step to be called.  To change the verbiage of this:

  • Log into Desktop ResiDex
  • Go to the Setup Tab
  • Search for Verbiage and select Campus Special Verbiage
  • Find the line that says 'Base Verbiage - Pour' and change it to your specific Verbiage: Pour, Setup, Verify, etc.
  • Close the screen
  • If the Campus Special Verbiage has not yet been activated, you will get a prompt to turn on the verbiage - confirm you want to do this

RTasks Review Declined Meds

When medications are declined/skipped (not given), nurses may wish to review those medications.  RTasks E-Mar offers a convenient option.

The "Review Declined Medication" option will allow an RN or LPN to mark as reviewed those medications that were skipped or declined.