Convert Prospect to Resident

When a Prospect commits to moving into your facility, it is very easy to convert that individual from a "Prospect" to a "Resident". Since ProsPex and ResiDex are integrated, you will find this process easy, efficient and hassle-free. The process of converting a Prospect to a Resident consists of changing the Prospect's status.

Changing a Prospect's Status

A Prospect's Status can help you indicate whether that Prospect is on Wait List, is a Lead, or is Closed. The purpose of having this field is so you can generate reports on your Prospects, and easily see your different classifications of Prospects, Wait Lists, dates entered onto Wait Lists, etc.

Entering Prospects

How to enter a new prospect (or lead) into ProsPex.

Lead & Referral Information

When entering a new Resident or Prospect you can specify your Lead and Referral information.  This information is displayed on reports such as:

  • Client Activity
  • Prospect Referral Summary - Alt

If the information was not entered correctly or if it needs to be edited, using the following steps will allow you to access/edit the information.

Lead & Referral Sources

The ability to track Lead and Referral Sources is beneficial tool that is integrated in ResiDex and ProsPex.

A Lead Source is the general company or organization that the referral came from.  (For example: St. John's Hospital or Dodge County Social Services.)

A Referred by option would be the specific contact relating to the lead source. (For example: Dr. Jim Smith or Sandra Jones).

Mailing Lists & Labels

You can print mailing lists and labels for your prospects.

Prospect Profile

The Prospect Profile screen was designed to give users a quick overview of the information entered about each Prospect, all communications with them, and the next scheduled follow-up.