Entering Incidents

Document an Incident

Incident tracking and monitoring is an important step in quality management and the provision of quality care. Incident tracking in Residex can be completely customized to meet the needs of each facility setting.  Incident reporting can track resident, staff, or visitor-related incidents;  can allow for an initial report of an incident by staff, then a clinical or administrative review by supervisors;  incidents can be linked to a specific employee and provide a feedback loop to create a system of accountability.  The system of notifications and alerts in Residex and RTasks ensure that supervisors are both aware of incidents and have the ability to effectively document the incident to successful resolution of each situation.

Delete an Incident

If an Incident recorded in ResiDex was found to be entered in error (i.e. it was added for the wrong resident, with an incorrect date, entered twice, etc), the Incident may be deleted to keep records accurate.  RTask users who enter incident data only in RTasks should use RTasks to delete incidents, if needed (the second option below).

Incident Body Diagram

ResiDex Incidents allow you to record a "Body Diagram" quickly and easily as part of recording an Incident Report. The Body Diagram is used to note any physical injuries a resident had resulting from an Incident (i.e. bruises, lacerations, skin tears etc.)

The Body Diagram is an optional feature of Incidents, and can be configured to be required for one type of incident but not for another.

Incident Vital Signs

You can easily document vital signs that were taken at the time of an Incident.  These vitals will then show up on Incident Summaries and will be included in all Vital Sign summary reports as well.