Intermediate Clinical

MD Orders and Certification

MD Orders create a comprehensive document that includes client medications, allergies, diagnoses, services, etc...  for physicians to review and certify with a signature. Requirements for physician review/certification can vary by state.  Minnesota, for instance, requires review and re-certification at least annually. Therefore, nurses may opt to create and send them at least annually-- but in actuality, they may choose to  send a new MD order after a lengthy hospitalization, client change of condition, or if they want to ensure facility records are in line with the physician's clinic records.  

MD orders can be added both from desktop Residex, as described below, or entered from RTasks.


Enter an Assessment

When performing an assessment in Residex (whether electronically or on paper), the user must first select the type of assessment to be performed. Our document on Assessment Types will outline different assessment options available.  Once this has been determined, the actual entry of an assessment may be performed.

Completing Assessments

An Assessment must be marked complete before it is considered closed.  Because CliniDex only allows users to have only one Assessment open for a resident at a time, one must complete an Assessment by marking it complete before starting another.

Campus Assessment Overview

ResiDex has a configuration option to specify the "Next Assessment Due" date upon the completion of an assessment.  This feature allows the user to receive notifications when assessments are coming due.  If this due date needs to be edited for any reason (or if you turn this configuration option on after you have already completed some assessments), the Campus Assessments Overview screen allows the user to review and/or edit the "next assessment due date" for any of their residents.

Review & Update Assessments

 When a resident assessment has been completed but their condition or circumstances have changed, you may need to update an Assessment for that Resident. ClinDex allows the user to review or update an assessment anytime without starting an entire brand new Assessment using the "Review Assessment Details" option.

Assessment Reports

Assessment Summaries in CliniDex are reports that show assessment options selected and note details entered electronically during the course of a resident assessment.

Fall Risk Tool

Assessing and minimizing risk of falling is an important nursing activity and a common quality management concern. ResiDex offers a fall risk tool developed by the Missouri Alliance for Health Care (the MAHC 10) that offers several advantages:

  • It is a tested and validated tool
  • It is integrated into data already entered into ResiDex (diagnoses, medications, fall incidents, assessment items, etc.)
  • It is updated with each assessment or clinical review
  • It can easily be updated and printed as a subset assessment

RTasks Review Assessment Details

 There are occasions users may wish to update an Assessment for a Resident without entering an entirely new assessment occurrence.  ClinDex allows the user to review or update an assessment at any time using the "Review Assessment Details" option.