Intermediate Medications

Med Entry: Complex

Some medications have dosages that vary day-to-day. In ResiDex, we call these "Complex Medications." A few examples of complex medications would include:

  • A medication given at varying dosages on certain days and a different dose on other days
  • A medication given a certain dosages on a rotating basis (every 2, 3, 4, etc. days)
  • A medication that is given at a specified dosage schedule and also the same or different dose "as needed"

For all of these examples, the medication will be entered twice into the Resident Medication screen.

Med Entry: Monthly

Medications, at times, are ordered to be given monthly on a specified day of the month.  Residex med entry can accommodate this requirement.

Dispose Medication

There are a number of reasons staff may need to document a medication has been disposed of: the med was  discontinued by the MD; it was released to the resident; the med expired; the resident was discharged; or the medication was spilled, dropped, or spoiled.

Whatever the reason, it is best to document the disposal or destruction of any medication not administered to the resident under your care.

Med Entry: Sliding Scale

Sliding Scale Insulin entry and documentation can be easily done in Residex.