Intermediate Services

Services: History

ResiDex offers users a view of the history of each assigned service.  This can be helpful in understanding, for instance, when a service was initiated and each time the service was updated or changed.

Services: "Plan"

Assigning services such as bathing or laundry can pose challenges.  What days of the week might be best--based upon other bathing or laundry services scheduled campus-wide?  What provider might have time on any given day?  The Residex "Plan" feature allows easy access to campus-wide assignments that makes balancing workloads that much easier!

Service Entry: Sets

Service entry using "Service Sets" is a way to add a group of pre-selected services to a resident all at one time.  Unlike the Service Entry - Mass Add option, the services that are added will be:

  • Assigned to the same provider
  • Scheduled for the same time
  • Scheduled for the same day(s)

While it is not as flexible as the Mass Entry, it is very helpful when scheduling, for instance, a group of vital sign services. Before using the Service Set option, you may wish to setup or review the setup for your service sets.

Service Entry: Group

Entering services for a new resident can be time consuming, so ResiDex offers multiple ways to mass enter information.  We can use the mass add or the service set options on an individual resident's service screen, but we also have a feature that allows you to add and schedule a specific service for multiple residents.  

Copy with Time Set

Safety checks, toileting, and resident repositioning are all examples of services that often need to be scheduled every "X" hours.  We have developed a way to easily add these services for a resident.

When adding the services that repeat all night and all day - you would first schedule the service for the earliest time AFTER midnight.  

Copy X Times Per Day

Blood glucose monitoring, escorts and meal trays are all examples of services that often need to be performed multiple times on a given day.  Unlike the copy - create time set option that will allow you to specify how many hours apart each service is scheduled; the "copy x times per day option" will allow you to enter multiple service lines that you will then schedule and assign.