Getting Started with Assessments

Assessment Structure

Assessments in Clinidex are organized by Sections and Categories.

Assessment Types

"Assessment Occasions" (also called "Assessment Types") are terms used within ResiDex and CliniDex to refer to occasions, instances or times when an Assessment of some kind would be performed.

Assessment-Service Plan Integration

CliniDex is a powerful Assessment tool that integrates with other components of ResiDex, creating significant efficiencies for the nurse or supervisor.
When an Assessment question is answered, that answer will appear pre-filled in later Assessments  that ask the same question, saving time in later data entry. Assessments can be integrated with service plans in ResiDex, allowing answers to an Assessment item to trigger services to be added to the resident service plan. Additionally, Assessment items answered once will appear on a number of relevant reports automatically, from assessment summaries to Abuse Prevention plans.

Paper Vs. Paperless

Assessments in Residex can be completed electronically (either in desktop Residex or RTasks), or recorded on paper initially and then entered electronically.

CliniDex: Mini-Mental Assessment

CliniDex has the option to track the mini-mental assessment. The mini-mental assessment category will retain information from previous assessments and automatically calculate the mini-mental score.