Incident Management

RTasks Incident Review

Requiring an"Incident Review" is an optional feature in ResiDex, but allows for complete documentation of incidents.

If your organization allows direct care staff to document Incidents in ResiDex, it is useful to have a Nurse or Supervisor review the Incidents. This is called an "Incident Review." The Incident Review not only allows a nurse to verify the accuracy of the documentation, but also add additional information, identify action steps needed to prevent further occurrences, and specify if additional training for staff is needed.

RTasks: Incident Overview

Entering incidents into RTasks has decided benefits:

  • User-friendly entry-- direct care staff can enter the who/what/when, etc... at the time of the incident
  • Supervisors can be alerted by text message or email to incidents occurring
  • Real time review by supervisors is possible by logging into RTasks and answering incident review questions
  • Incidents such as med errors can be linked to the responsible employee and a copy of the incident sent electronically to them for review/acknowledgement
  • Followup notes can continue to be added to the incident until it is deemed fully resolved.

RTasks: Document an Incident

If you have performed the Incident Setup steps in Desktop ResiDex and have User Role - 6 "Incidents",  you will be able to enter incidents using RTasks.  The same Incidents created in desktop Residex for your campus will be available to you in RTasks!

Incident Follow-Up Notes (RTasks)

"Follow-Up Notes" allow users to record additional information about an incident that has been entered or status updates about the resident’s condition even after the incident has been submitted or reviewed. Follow up notes are included on Incident summary reporting. 

RTasks Incident Alert to Staff

In the process of setting up incidents to be documented, the response type "Staff List" is one response option that can be selected.  This can allow you to link an incident (such as a medication error) to a specific staff member.  AFTER THE CLINICAL REVIEW OF THE INCIDENT IS COMPLETE, the staff will then get a notification of the incident when they log into RTasks.