Resident Info

Resident List

The Resident List on the Home tab is almost always the first thing a user sees when they log into ResiDex. This screen lists the residents of your campus and includes special color coding, search, filter and sort options.

Resident Profile

The Resident Profile screen provides users with pertinent resident information that can be seen at a glance.


ResiDex allows users to record a list of contacts for a Resident or Prospect. Detailed information such as name, address, phone numbers, and legal and personal relationships for each resident can be entered.

Entering contacts into ResiDex will provide quick access to all phone numbers and
addresses, and provide valuable contact information in the ResiDex Task Manager feature.


Managing resident diagnoses is quick and easy in ResiDex. An individual can have one or more diagnoses, but only one may be marked as the "primary" diagnosis. Some reports will not display information if the diagnosis is missing.  In the case that you are not sure of the diagnosis, you may add "Unknown" or "None on File" until an accurate diagnosis is stated.  

Note: To enter resident diagnoses, a ResiDex user must have Staff Role #19 - Meds and Diagnosis. This role will also  allow you to add or edit  a diagnosis.

Health Info

The Health Info screen allows entry of information regarding a resident's health care resources, including:

  • Health Care Providers (Doctors, Dentists, Therapists, etc.),
  • Pharmacy / Other Resources
  • Health Plan Information

Pharmacy and Other Resources

ResiDex has the ability to track which pharmacy and other resource a resident uses.  This information is entered in the Resident "Health Info" screen.

Resident Allergies

Even though the allergy fields are not required fields, we recommend putting allergies or "no known allergies" in the field so it does not appear that information is missing.

The allergies will display on key reports and the Resident information area in RTasks.

Resident Storage Lockers and Parking

ResiDex allows staff to track storage lockers and/or vehicle and parking locations.