ResiDex Reports

Report Role Required

ResiDex is loaded with hundreds of reports.  If you are a ResiDex user with many roles, you will have access to many reports.  If you have limited roles, the report list will contain fewer reports. If someone suggests using a certain report and you don't see the report, it is likely you are missing the ResiDex Staff Role required to view the report.

Any person who can see the report name, will be able to find information on what role is required to run the report.

Favorite Reports

The Reports tab in ResiDex has a "Favorites" feature that operates like a file cabinet for all of your report folders.  We provide the file cabinet and you create the folders that will hold one or more reports!  This allows you to organize and easily locate those reports that best meet your needs. 

Printing From the Reports Tab

The Reports Tab is the area in ResiDex that will be used for most of your "mass printing" needs.  From the Reports tab you can:

  • Search and find reports
  • Search suppressed (hidden) reports
  • Suppress/hide reports that you would not utilize
  • Use printing options: Select one, Print Some or Print All

Reporting: Chore Charting

There are times when you may wish to print out the chore recap or documentation.  The chore recap will show the actual minutes (if entered during documentation), staff member who recapped the item and any notes associated with the documentation.

Suppressing Reports

Desktop ResiDex has hundreds of available reports.  You can organize these reports in Favorite Report Folders. If you wish, you may hide or suppress reports that you know you will not need.