RTasks a website application; ResiDex, accessible through a webrowser! RTasks allows your staff to do electronic charting from any device with an internet connection and web browser - iPads and iPhones, Android tablets and smartphones, Windows / Apple PCs and laptops, ChromeBooks, you name it. RTasks provides immediate point-of-care charting information to caregivers including service Plans, medication lists, service histories, agency policies / procedures, and more are available to your caregivers at point-of-care in real-time, revolutionizing care delivery! 

RTasks - Entering Resources

The Resources button in RTasks' Resident Profile screen allows users to document important resources for that individual, such as health care providers, organizations, insurances, and the like.


RTasks - Resident Status

Resident's status (Reserved, Active, Hold, Transfer, or Discharge) can easily be set from the RTask Resident Profile screen.  This article explains each status, how it is set and implications for the resident.