Unscheduled & Review

RTasks: Messaging

The ResiDex (Hosted) Snap Messages feature is a great tool for improving communication between staff.  RTasks offers snap messaging capabilities as well.  The two systems are completely synced; messages composed and reviewed in desktop Residex appear in RTasks and vice versa.

RTasks: Unscheduled Service

RTasks allows users to add unscheduled services.  An unscheduled service can be completed and documented immediately, or can be scheduled ahead for any provider, to appear on that provider's "to do" list.  Examples of a future unscheduled service might include:

  • the supervisor who wishes to schedule an additional temperature or blood glucose check for a resident who has been ill
  • additional safety check/s for a resident who has fallen
  • any other one-time 'extra' service that is required.

RTasks: PRN Medications

When  documenting medications in RTasks, users have the ability to document both scheduled and unscheduled medications.  There are several configuration options in Desktop ResiDex that will provide opportunities to not only record the medication that was given, but also the resident response to that medication.