RTasks Fax/Print

E-Faxing: Manage Numbers

Before you can fax to or from RTasks or ResiDex, you must activate the faxing option and sign up for a fax number.  You will need to contact ResiDex Support to sign up for faxing and/or turn on the feature.  Once it is licensed, our staff can turn on the Campus Configuration option: Faxing.

E-Faxing: Receiving Faxes

With ResiDex E-Faxing capabilities, you can view incoming faxes  electronically via RTasks. 

E-Faxing: Sending Faxes

Becoming paperless is more of a reality with technology today.  We have taken our program to another level and added a faxing (incoming and outgoing) capability.

RTasks Report Customization

Using Desktop ResiDex, users can customize reports and make those reports available as a report in RTasks.  To perform the following steps, a user must have ResiDex Staff Role 11 - Manager or 13 - Supervisor.

RTasks: View or Print Reports

Although the current trend is moving towards becoming totally "paperless", there are times where a printed report is needed or beneficial.  This article provides information about printing from RTasks.