RTasks Nursing

RTasks: Resident Notes

Resident notes allow users to document narrative notes about the resident. If you have the ResiDex user role "5 - Resident Notes" along with RTasks access, you will be able to add Resident Notes.

RTasks: Chore Notes Required

When assigning chores to staff, users can require that staff enter a note with completion of the chore.  This feature is helpful, for a chore such as "Check refrigerator temperature" and you want staff to be prompted to record the temperature in the note field.

RTasks: Enter an Assessment

If you have done the Assessment Setup in Desktop ResiDex, have User Role - 32 "CliniDex Nurse", and are an RTasks user, you can enter clinical and non-clinical assessments from RTasks.  Note: Non-clinical assessments (leisure, dietary, and Bio/History) can be configured to allow unlicensed staff to perform these as well.

RTasks - Entering Resources

The Resources button in RTasks' Resident Profile screen allows users to document important resources for that individual, such as health care providers, organizations, insurances, and the like.


RTasks Only Note Feature

RTasks allows limiting the type of notes seen or entered by staff based on role or provider type. This was developed so clinical and administrative staff can enter and view certain notes but other staff cannot. This feature is setup in Desktop ResiDex but only available when entering/viewing notes in RTasks.

RTasks Prospects

RTasks allows users to enter prospective residents and either convert them to an active resident or make inactive (if the individual is deemed inappropriate or is not interested in moving to the facility).

RTasks Review Assessment Details

 There are occasions users may wish to update an Assessment for a Resident without entering an entirely new assessment occurrence.  ClinDex allows the user to review or update an assessment at any time using the "Review Assessment Details" option.  

RTasks: Attaching Documents

Signed MD orders, Service Plans, lab results, or staff evaluations are examples of documents that users may wish to scan electronically into ResiDex or RTasks.  Once they are scanned they can be linked to a resident or staff member.  This minimizes the amount of paper data that must be managed and stored, and makes document filing and retrieval simple. This article addresses how attaching documents to residents or staff can be handled in RTasks. 

RTasks: Edit the Resident Profile

Resident Profiles in RTasks are accessed by selecting the RTasks People button, then selecting Residents. All staff may view information here;  users with provider type RN or LPN and users with role 11 - Manager or 13 - Supervisor are able to:

  • Admit a new resident
  • Update or edit current resident information (demographics, allergies etc...)
  • Change a client status (active, hold, or discharged)

RTasks: MD Orders

MD Orders is a tool in Desktop ResiDex or RTasks that allows the nurse or supervisor to create a comprehensive document (detailing a given resident's meds, diagnoses, services, code status, allergies, etc...) that can be provided to the physician or prescriber to review and sign or 'certify' the orders for that resident for a specified period of time.  This may be required annually in some states, but might also be considered a 'best practice' after a resident is hospitalized, to communicate with the physician and ensure both facility and physician are in agreement on current resident status and plan of care.

This document will outline creating and printing an MD Order from within RTasks.

RTasks: Referrals

Referrals are forms that can be sent along with an individual for a scheduled appointment or unplanned trip to the hospital.  You can customize your Referral Types and text that appears on the form. For instructions on this, please view our document on Referral Types and Formatting Options document. 

To create and view referrals in RTasks, a staff person will need ResiDex user role "1 - ResiDex Data Entry".

RTasks: Referrals with Appointment Reminder

Tracking resident appointments and creating an effective system of managing referrals is an important part of resident care.  Referral Appointments can be managed in either RTasks or Desktop ResiDex  and allow users to:

  • enter all upcoming appointments (even months ahead) and be able to view and manage these, create calendars and appointment reports
  • set up notifications which will show upcoming appointments
  • create referral forms that include all details about the appointment 
  • notify staff via RTask login reports of appointments that day, AND
  • assign specific staff to assist the resident in preparing for the appointment (this appears as a service in their "to do" list that day).
  • print the referral and/or vital signs to be sent with the resident and mark the service "complete"
  • add notes  to completed appointments--  summary of the appointment and  action items for coordination of care
  • mark as reviewed the referral appointment, conveying that the referral was completely addressed.

The Referrals forms can be customized (both the Referral Types and formatted text). 

To create and view referrals in RTasks, a staff person will need ResiDex user role 1 - "ResiDex Data Entry" or Role 8, "Referrals". To create the appointment reminder, the campus configuration option: Enable Referral Appointments must be set to "Yes"

RTasks: Resident Bio/History

The Bio/History assessment offers users an opportunity to enter resident biographical data and personal preferences and share that with caregivers.  Information in the Bio/History assessment is entered in a similar fashion to other Residex assessments.  Once a bio/history assessment is marked complete, it can be either printed out and provided to staff, or sent electronically via RTasks to caregivers to review/acknowledge, and reference as needed to provide high quality, individualized care.  Bio/History is an assessment type that can be delegated to RTask users who do not have clinical roles assigned.  

RTasks: Resident Diagnoses

The RTasks Resident option allows a user with ResiDex user role "1 - ResiDex Data Entry" to add or edit diagnoses for a resident.  With this role, a user can:

  • Add a new diagnosis
  • Remove a diagnosis
  • Change the "primary" diagnosis

RTasks: Residents Contacts

The RTasks Resident option allows a user with ResiDex user role "1 - ResiDex Data Entry" to add or edit contacts for a resident.  With this role, a user can:

  • Add a new contact
  • Edit contact information
  • Change the sort order of the contacts, identifying one as "primary"
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