What can ResiDex generate with the services I record?

E-Charting, Paper Charting
Your staff can chart the work they complete using our E-Charting tools - their 'todo' lists are in part automatically generated from the services you record! If your organization is still charting in a paper-based way, you can also create "Daily Assignments" in ResiDex- printed to-do lists of instructions for your staff!

Resident Agreements & Reporting
A Resident Agreement generated from ResiDex can automatically include service plans simply by entering them into ResiDex. 
Similarly to the Resident Agreements, users can generate many other report types that will automatically pull in service details that you have recorded in ResiDex!

Services you record can automatically generate billing information!

Behavior Monitoring

The ResiDex Global Job (Service) List has a check box by each service to indicate if it is a behavior service.  When a service is tagged as a behavior service it allows users to

  • Create a "Behavior Plan" for the resident that has behavior services scheduled
  • Document the number of behavior occurrences, the time spent, and intervention effectiveness
  • View reports such as a behavior log that summarizes behavior management