Supplemental Pack. Setup

Supp. Package Setup

When setting up rates for billing or agreements you may need to add "Supplemental Packages". Supplemental packages are fees that are billed using a daily or monthly rate for charges that could be in addition to fee for service or care package charges.  

Fees/Payers Supp. Package

A "Supplemental Package" can be billed for a Resident on the billing option Care Package or Fee for Services.  A supplemental package is a daily or monthly rate for any rent or service charge. Examples of supplemental packages are:

  • Cable or telephone fees
  • Escort package fees
  • Med management fees
  • Garage rental

A resident can have one or more supplemental packages. These are selected for each resident under the Fees/Payers screen.

Rate Changes

There are several areas that rates are entered in ResiDex; this document will outline how to update those rates as needed.