RTasks E-Charting

Disconnected Charting

What is Disconnected Charting?

The availability and reliability of Wi-Fi may be limited, especially in large buildings. Even facilities who have Wi-Fi may find it unreliable when in certain areas of the building.

Disconnected Charting provides an affordable option to allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of electronic charting!

Disconnected Charting allows users  to log into RTasks while connected to the internet and download their assignments for the day to their tablet or device.  They can then go 'offline' (disconnect from the internet) and continue with their electronic documentation while working 'offline'.  At intervals throughout the day, users can return to an area with known wifi reception, reconnect and 'upload' data to save what was charted while in 'offline' mode and to share that data with other users. While charting 'offline', users can document:

  • Scheduled & Unscheduled services & tasks
  • Resident notes
  • Scheduled & Unscheduled (PRN) medication administrations
  • Chart an unscheduled activity 
  • Send a message to other staff (will send once reconnected)
  • Track supplies, and more.
Recommendations and Notes
  • Recommended Web Browsers for using Disconnected Charting are Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox web browsers
  • Disconnected Charting is presently not supported on Internet Explorer.
  • If your mobile device can connect to cellular networks and it does not NOT have a data plan, then the device should be put in Airplane Mode, with Wi-Fi enabled. 

RTasks: E-Charting Overview

Electronic charting of scheduled Services, Chores and Tasks is easy in RTasks!

RTasks: Review Care Plan

The Care Plan or Master Care Plan report in Residex can provide a comprehensive view of the plan of care for a resident, based upon items selected in the nursing assessment. Each facility can setup the Master Care Plan to meet their own needs and requirements.  Each time a clinical assessment is marked complete, the Master Care Plan will be generated and can electronically be sent to staff in RTasks, prompting them to review and "electronically acknowledge"  the care plan.

RTasks: Claim Services/Chores

Charting in RTasks allows for flexibility when scheduling services.  Some facilities use multiple providers,  in which each provider on a given day and shift has their own assignment:

  • Day HHA 1
  • Day HHA 2
  • Day HHA 3
  • Eve HHA 1
  • Eve HHA 2
  • Overnight

Alternatively, some facilities schedule to a single provider per shift and allow the caregivers to coordinate between themselves who will do each resident's service(s). For example:

  • Day HHA
  • Eve HHA
  • Overnight HHA

For providers using this latter method, ResiDex offer a means by which providers at the beginning of a shift can "claim" services by resident that they will be responsible for.  By claiming resident services, it will bring all those claimed services to the top of that employee's To Do list, and it will also flag the items so the other caregivers can see the plan. 

Goal - Service Detail Tracking

Goal tracking allows users to document specific details about progress toward goals. When goal tracking is set up for any given service, staff will be able to document up to three questions-- for example, the number of prompts by staff, the level of performance, and/or if the goal was met. To turn on goal tracking, a user must have Role 18 - Global Service List.

Medication Sent Out of Facility

There may be times when a resident is away on leave  from the facility and their medication(s) must be prepared and sent  along. RTasks has a way to specify which medications have been sent and provide a summary report of those medications.  The report can provide guidance to family or the responsible party in the administration of medications during the absence.

RTasks - Helpful Tips

Have you ever been charting and wondered where something has gone?  When charting "live" online, data can quickly and easily be charted by any staff.  

If you saw a service but can no longer find it, here are some helpful suggestions to "track it down".

RTasks: Record Supply Usage

If your facility tracks supply usage in ResiDex, your staff can use the "New Resident Supply" option in RTasks to document which supplies were used for each individual resident.

To turn this on, you will first edit the campus configuration option in Desktop ResiDex

  • Login to desktop ResiDex and go to Setup
  • Go to the Campus Configuration screen and search for "Supplies"
  • Set the configuration option: Show supplies option on the RTasks screen to "Yes"

Service Recap Snippets

When documenting services in RTasks, staff may wish to enter notes associated with a service.  Note fields allow users to "free type" a note, or snippets can be created in desktop Residex that allow users to simply select the snippet of text that applies.  Snippets are reusable pieces of text that can be used to streamline data entry.