Staff Multi-Campus Access

If you have more than one building (or "campus") in your ResiDex database, you can control which of your campuses each of your users can access, whether it be one, some (but not all), or all of your campuses.

Granting limited access

The "Campus Access Setup" tool gives you the ability to grant a ResiDex user access to some, but not all, of your ResiDex campuses OR restricted access to all campuses.

  • From the Staff Tab - click the "Go Button" by a staff member
  • Click on "Staff Roles" at the bottom of the screen

  1. Click the Campus Access Setup button at the top of the screen
  2. Select which campuses this user can access - close the window
  3. When you close the screen you will have visiblity to the campuses that were selected

Granting Global Access

If you wish to grant a user unlimited access to switch between all available campuses and make "Setup/Configuration Changes"granting a user Staff Role 13 - Supervisor will meet this requirement. The Campus access feature is to limit access to certain campuses OR grant access to all campuses WITHOUT allowing a user to make configuration settings that would impact what or how data is entered or displayed.