Add Docs to Reports Tab

You can link custom documents to ResiDex so they are available right from the "Reports" tab.

Why is this Useful?

Many facilities have forms that they use that are not generated in ResiDex.  By linking them to ResiDex you can quickly store and access files such as:

  • Lease Agreements
  • Specialized Admission Information Forms (such as DNR forms)
  • Rate Sheets
  • Employee Application Forms

These forms will be accessed from a central location that will be easily be accessed by any user.

How Does it Work?

  • You will see a new "Favorite" report folder called "Folder: _________ (specified name)
  • Click on that folder and you will see all documents saved in that folder
  • Select the form you want to run and press GO

How to Setup Access to Custom Documents in ResiDex

  • Contact the ResiDex Support Team to set up the shared directory
  • Save your documents into the specified folder