Alternative Dosage Fields

The additional medication dosage entry fields will allow a medication dosage to be broken out by the specific measurement and count.  This will create the foundation for using the "Pill Count" feature.

To Activate:

You will need to contact ResiDex Support to enable edits to the Campus Configuration Screen.

  • Go to the Campus Configuration - "Meds" Category
  • Select "Yes" by - Med Entry - Additional Fields for dosage and units

To Use:

Enter a new medication or edit a medication as usual.  Fill in the dosage box as follows:

  • Box 1 = the measurement (5, 25, 300, etc)
  • Box 2 = the unit of measurement (%, mg, cc, etc)
  • Box 3 = the number of units to be given (1, 1.5, .5, etc.)
  • Box 4 = the type of unit (tab, cap, puff, etc.)

When you are done your dosage will look something like this

300 mg - 2 tabs (this will indicate that an individual is to be given 2 tabs that are 300 mg each)