As Needed Medication Review

When "as needed" medications are administered, some states require documentation that a licensed nurse has reviewed them.  ResiDex E-Mar offers a convenient solution.

The As Needed Medication Review screen is "Read-Only" (not editable) for staff who are not listed as RN or LPN in the staff tab.

Review As Needed Medications:

After as needed medications have been documented, they will appear in Desktop ResiDex for the nurse to review. From Desktop ResiDex:

  • Go to the Setup Tab
  • In the search box type "As Needed" and select "Review As Needed meds administered (PRN)

  1. Filter by Community (Optional)
  2. Filter by Resident (Optional)
  3. View Reviewed and Unreviewed by selecting "All" (Optional)
  4. Filter by date (Optional)

The medication will be shaded.  When you close the screen and re-open it, the reviewed medication will not be visible unless you press "All".

Un-Mark a Medication as Reviewed

  • Click the "All" button
  • Click on the "Reviewed" button
  • Press "Yes" to confirm you wish to "Remove reviewed by" information