Med Entry: As Needed

Entering As Needed or "PRN" Medications into a resident's medication list will allow users to track and document those administrations. As Needed medications can be charted through the EMAR system in RTasks.  They will also appear on numerous paper-based report options, including "Resident Current Medications," "As Needed Med Admin (incl. Response)," "As Needed Pain Med (incl. Response)," and many more.

Note: To enter or change medications, a user will need Staff Roles #1 - ResiDex Data Entry and #3 - ResiDex Medications

Record an 'As Needed' Medication

  • Entry of an As Needed medication follows the same steps as entering a basic medication except for the 'Frequency' and 'up to times per day' fields.
  • In the "Frequency" field, select "As Needed."
  • Enter the "Up to" ____ times per day value.  If a medication can be given every 4 hours, divide 4 into 24 hours to get 6 x/day and/or
  • Enter the "Every ____ hours" to add additional clarification for administration.
  • Enter indications for the medication

  • For As Needed meds, the "Special Instructions" field is required.

Entering an As Needed Medication - Video Tutorial