Assessment Add Services

After linking the evaluation options to services, you will be able to add services while entering an assessment. This will allows users to complete the assessment and build the resident's list of planned services at the same time.

Add Services from Assessment in Desktop Residex:

  • Start an assessment and select a category (1)
  • Select the topic (2) and select an evaluation option (3)
  • A pop up will appear to select the service(s) to add (4)
  • Select the services and press close (5)

Add Service Details (Optional but recommended)

  • When the service is added a red link will appear "1 (number will vary) related service"

  • Add additional details by clicking on the link
  • Schedule the Service Time, Days and Provider (1)
  • Enter/edit the task details (2)
  • Press Save (3)A

Add Services from Assessments done in RTasks:

  • Start the assessment in RTasks
  • Select the appropriate assessment option
  • Any assessment item selected that has been linked to services will have a blue button visible, "show related services".  

  • Clicking on this button will allow you to view linked services
  • Click on "add to schedule" to add the service
  • Entry fields appear, allowing the user to schedule, assign, and add task details as needed.